• The feeling that has mobilized Turkish society is anti-militarism as much as it is nationalism. In Turkey, today, there are strong uniting motivations, such as anti-militarism, participation in the public sphere, and democratic expectations.

  • The SETA Foundation is especially sensitive on the issue of Syrians’ education and in this study aims to contribute to developing a road map on Syrians’ education and to work against the creation of lost generations.

  • Below the iceberg, Gülenism has a real face, a dark obscurantist zeal for world domination, in terms of its goals, and the path chosen to achieve them contradicts almost everything that is Western. As this Janus-faced structure of the Gülenists unfolds, the interests and ideals of the West will fall apart.

  • Turkey was only a step toward a broader goal; the organization will certainly continue to disseminate and realize its messianic purpose from East to West. FETO should be considered a global threat to the democratic world order.

  • The EU's 3 billion euros of aid to Ankara for Syrian refugees in Turkey is criticized by experts who say that the amount is not even sufficient for covering the education needs of the refugees, let alone their other needs

SETA Foundation’s Society and Culture Directorate conducts local and global researches on society, economy and education. The objectives of the Directorate is to inform public and decision-makers by contributing to policy- making process via its current and analytical publications both in Turkish and English. In this direction, the Directorate focuses on the policies on basic education, higher education, employment, energy, youth and women.