Nigar Tuğsuz

Researcher, European Studies, İstanbul
Nigar Tuğsuz graduated from the Department of Sociology at Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts) University. She received her MA from Middle East Technical University (METU) with a thesis titled “Political Discourse of Alevism in Turkey after the 1980’s”. She earned her PhD in 2016 from Istanbul University with a dissertation titled “Sunnis' Perceptions of Alevis: Between Materialistic and Authentic Identification”. Among her scholarly interests are Turkish Politics, Comparative Politics, Religion-State Relations, Identity Politics and Alevi Identity. Dr. Tuğsuz is currently a Researcher in the Directorate of Society and Media at SETA Istanbul.
  • The feeling that has mobilized Turkish society is anti-militarism as much as it is nationalism. In Turkey, today, there are strong uniting motivations, such as anti-militarism, participation in the public sphere, and democratic expectations.
  • Turkey was only a step toward a broader goal; the organization will certainly continue to disseminate and realize its messianic purpose from East to West. FETO should be considered a global threat to the democratic world order.
  • The apparent reason as to why environmentalism in Turkey has not been able to substantially influence either politics or public opinion despite growing numbers of environmentalist organizations and general awareness is the political language of their discourse