• What does normalization in Turkish-German relations mean? What are the opportunities and limits of the future Turkish-German relations? What does Turkey expect from Turkish-German relations in this new period?

  • This almanac provides the synopsis of bilateral relations between the US and Turkey during the past fifteen years of AK Party rule in Turkey, starting with the March 1st crisis. During this period, AK Party governments have engaged with different US administrations headed by the presidents from different political parties (Bush, Obama and Trump) and different party majorities in the US Congress. The relationship has both undergone very serious crises and witnessed significant level of cooperation. In this almanac, the major summits and main crises that impacted the relations between the two nations are covered. It is of course impossible to cover all of the events and developments in bilateral relations, thus we aimed to be selective while still including the most important moments of the relationship in our coverage in the limited space that we have. We hope this volume can help observers and scholars in the field of US-Turkey relations and contribute to their research.

  • In particular, the successive U.S. administrations made it clear that their quest to promote "moderate Islam" was ingenuine at four points:

  • Washington's inability to pursue a coherent policy in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, makes its allies feel deeply concerned about their relationship with the U.S.

  • Should we interpret the recent rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow or Tehran and Baghdad as a sign of Turkey's strategic axis shift toward Eurasia? Certainly not

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