Türkiye’s Vision for Its New Century

Türkiye has made significant advancements in its defense technology and capabilities which are essential in the face of threats posed by various terrorist organizations and the security risks from conflicts near its borders. Türkiye’s regional and global significance has also grown, as it strives for “a fairer world” where human rights, freedom, and dignity are upheld without discrimination, in line with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As President Erdoğan once declared, Türkiye’s “responsibility extends beyond securing our own safety and prosperity. Our strength lies in our resources, actions, and the aid we provide to the afflicted and oppressed worldwide, beginning with our immediate surroundings”. As such, the Century of Türkiye addresses a broad spectrum of domestic and international challenges, aiming for a future where Türkiye stands as a democratic, secure, and prosperous nation, exerting a constructive and influential role on the global stage.

Türkiye s Vision for Its New Century
Assessing Türkiye s Role in the Global Space Competition

Assessing Türkiye’s Role in the Global Space Competition

This analysis evaluates Türkiye’s national space program, its milestones, and strategic initiatives, like sending its first citizen to the International Space Station (ISS), within the context of the new space race.


What is the discourse of the intervention in the Turkish-flagged vessel ROSELINA-A? Is the operation consistent in terms of military and technical considerations? What could be the outcomes of the operation against the ROSELINA-A?

This analysis is about the crisis that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is believed to have experienced recently.

Turkey learned much from the Arab Spring process, and especially the Syrian civil war. This learning period was directly reflected in Erdoğan's policies.

The United States wants to get involved in the Syrian crisis again – rapidly and effectively.

Turkey Puts Diplomacy, Military to Work in Syria

Turkey will continue to be in Syria no matter what until Daesh terrorists are completely eliminated from the towns

Turkey Puts Diplomacy Military to Work in Syria
Calling for 'Psychological Partition' In Turkey as a Form of

Calling for 'Psychological Partition' In Turkey as a Form of Wishful Thinking

An "expert on Turkey" claims that Turkey will be divided because Erdoğan has consolidated his control. Really! This is not a joke.