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  • Does the opposition, which eagerly blames economic challenges on the presidential system, have a common policy that goes beyond unveiling a handful of shared principles?

  • From that perspective, Erdoğan does not just 'arrest' the West. He also makes concrete proposals for building a new order. As such, Erdoğan’s vision does not chase some utopia. It is completely practical.

  • Ankara should also continue its call for Athens to return to constructive neighborly relations and pave the path toward that direction.

  • Turkey has been following a policy combining the second and the third styles of politics. Turkey has adopted a holistic approach in its relations with African countries, combining its soft power (humanitarian aid, nongovernmental organizations and trade) with hard power (defense industry and arms sales). That is, Turkey will continue to improve its relations with Africa in all sectors whether it be economic, trade, defense, agriculture, tourism or the struggle against terrorism. In order to deepen Turkish-African cooperation, Turkey will host the third Economy and Business Forum in October and the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit in December, both in Istanbul.

  • In Afghanistan, Turkey's sole agenda is to help constructive and moderate efforts to establish peace and stability