• Deep prejudice and the absence of objectivity exhibited by the Western media against Turkey are major problems; but Turkey should never give up in the attempt to remind prejudiced media managers of the fundamental principles of journalism and the simple facts and rules of democracy.

  • This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the results of the fieldwork by taking into account the main motivations of the people and their perception of the 15th July coup attempt.

  • The feeling that has mobilized Turkish society is anti-militarism as much as it is nationalism. In Turkey, today, there are strong uniting motivations, such as anti-militarism, participation in the public sphere, and democratic expectations.

  • The SETA Foundation is especially sensitive on the issue of Syrians’ education and in this study aims to contribute to developing a road map on Syrians’ education and to work against the creation of lost generations.

  • Below the iceberg, Gülenism has a real face, a dark obscurantist zeal for world domination, in terms of its goals, and the path chosen to achieve them contradicts almost everything that is Western. As this Janus-faced structure of the Gülenists unfolds, the interests and ideals of the West will fall apart.

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