Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Turkish security institutions faced a series of security challenges following the July 15 coup attempt in 2016.  One of these challenges was terrorist organizations testing the combat readiness of the Turkish security forces. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are the main security institution fighting terrorism within and beyond Turkey; their combat readiness was questioned due to the imminent discharge of 44% of the generals and admirals as a result of their involvement in the coup attempt. This paper aims to illustrate the combat readiness of the Turkish security forces in regard to their counterterrorism strategies against the PKK and DAESH in the past year, one year after the coup attempt of July 2016.

  • The analysis outlines the process through which the EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan (JAP) on refugees came into being and examines the impact of the agreement, including its challenges and successes.

  • The purpose of this analysis is to reflect on how a Trump presidency will influence the course of US relations with the State of Israel.

  • The main theme of this study is in response to Turkey’s desire to build a systemic and high-tech integrated national air-missile defense system against perceived risks and potential threats.

  • The analysis will examine the outstanding features of the constitutional design in pursuit of executive presidency in addition to the historical background of the transformation.