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Israel s Attacks on Gaza a Military and Political Assessment

Israel’s Attacks on Gaza a Military and Political Assessment

This analysis aims to examine the current situation in the military and political context of Hamas’s October 7 operation and Israel’s ongoing operations.

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The Oct 7th and afterward have caused a divided globe on how to address the contradictions of new sorts. The conceptualizations of human and humanitarian security of the 1990s have leveled down. Societal security is at the edge of survival shading over the scholarly perspectives of the 1980s. The remaining fact after the Oct 7th is that the laws and norms are left aside and diplomacy has lost its sacred spirit. The devastation to civilians increased the weight of negative emotions and wisdom is not the pattern anymore. In this sense, this analysis scrutinizes ‘what happened’ and ‘probable outcomes’ on and after Oct. 7th with an objective military and political assessment of Hamas and Israeli preoccupations. The analysis attempts to conclude meta-outcomes if this conflict continues as it is. Click here to view the study.