Al-Aqsa Flood | A Turning Point in Middle Eastern Politics

The comprehensive and effective attack launched by Hamas on October 7, 2023, the al-Aqsa Flood Operation, has become a turning point not only in the Palestinian-Israeli question and the Middle Eastern balance of power but also in modern world history.

Al-Aqsa Flood A Turning Point in Middle Eastern Politics
Türkiye's Foreign Policy A Century of Strategic Transformation

Türkiye's Foreign Policy | A Century of Strategic Transformation

This book examines the century-long transformation of Turkish foreign policy, with each chapter dedicated to analyzing different regions and explaining the priorities and strategies of Türkiye within the context of its historical transformation.


One year after the outbreak of the civil war on April 15, 2023, this report examines the origins of the crisis in Sudan, its cost and key actors, the policies and objectives of international powers in the country, and the steps and initiatives taken to resolve the conflict. It also considers the potential for a new Darfur crisis in the future and offers policy recommendations for resolving the current crisis.

When Apple incorporated Siri into its systems in 2011, it was considered a milestone in Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. This achievement marked the culmination of extensive research and development in natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technologies, demonstrating significant advancements in making AI more accessible and user-friendly to everyday consumers.

We hope that this edited volume will highlight some critical turning points and moments of failure by the international community in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It should also inform any policy considerations regarding the status of Crimea as well as a potential future settlement of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The conflict may be a protracted one but the prospects for peace, we hope, will emerge sooner rather than later.

The ongoing reform efforts have made some modest achievements but have so far failed on major issues, such as reforming the Security Council in terms of membership and voting. Türkiye feels obliged to participate in discussions and contribute to reform efforts and proposals toward better global governance.

Israel’s Crimes in Gaza

This study presents the relevant parts of international law before engaging in a legal assessment of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Israel s Crimes in Gaza
Habermas and Others The West s Intellectual World and Blindness

Habermas and Others | The West’s Intellectual World and Blindness Toward Palestine

What was the post-Oct. 7 stance of Western thinkers and intellectuals? Why does the Western intellectual world ignore Palestine? Why have thinkers, who believe the Palestinians are right and support them, become targets of ‘lynching’?


What is the EU AI Act? What are the main challenges it may face? What is the impact of this regulation within the global regulatory landscape?

This book brings together some analyses of UN reform proposals in general and some proposals that come from the states that form regional groups to reflect their commonalities and communalities in the process.

How can Large Language Models (LLMs) enhance diplomacy, international cooperation, and economic productivity? What are the potential risks and challenges associated with the deployment of LLMs in military and diplomatic decision-making? What legal and ethical considerations arise from the widespread use of LLMs, and how can these be addressed?