Wildfires in Turkey: Operation against the government

The Turkish government and state have been challenged repeatedly since 2013. First, the Gezi Park …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • When the race for the March 30 elections began, there were at most 15-17 swing vote cities that were up for grabs. In all but one of these swing the race was between the AK Party and only one other opposition party.

  • The Gulen movement will be isolated from other Islamic groups as long as it breaks the Sunni codes. The accusations against it of acting against Turkey’s national interests and joining an international alliance will also continue.

  • As Turkey has become the scene of a corruption case on December 17, 2013, no one anticipated what the relevant investigation may lead to.

  • There is the judicial aspect of these operations, it [the investigation] should go as far as it can go, should not discriminate against anyone in any position no matter at what position the person is. If one is found guilty of corruption, he should totally bear the consequences.

  • Almost no one, other than those who initiated the December 17th corruption investigation and those who do their bidding in the media, perceive these events as “simply an investigation into corruption”.