Attempts to change the Middle Eastern system

The modern Middle East emerged after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the wake …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The U.S. has failed to display a consistent stance on several regional issues in the Middle East including the Syrian crisis. Because of these failures many foreign capitals have begun to question the U.S.'s reliability as a diplomatic ally.

  • There is an Israel problem in the Middle East and there are other crises that are gangrened around this issue. Different actors talk about the problem, but they themselves exploit the very same problem.

  • The regional actors are roughly divided into two camps. All regional administrations, except Turkey, are fighting – over each other – to extend the life of the Sykes-Picot order.

  • There is nothing to be hopeful about an election that was produced by a coup d’état orchestrated with the political support provided by the United States, financing by the Gulf and violence by the Baltajis.

  • The analysis offers a local, regional and global landscape of key issues and actors in regards to the new rounds of the American brokered peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority under the Kerry Talks.