Egypt’s forgotten revolution, the future of the Sissi regime

Seven years have passed since Egypt’s revolution in 2011. While the revolutionary process ended with …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • If the new regime in Egypt survives in the coming days, nobody will win a strategic advantage; rather, all actors in the Middle East will lose dearly, most significantly the Egyptian people themselves.

  • The President of the SETA Foundation Taha Özhan said that Turkey offers a road map for Egypt.

  • The events of July 3 represent nothing but pure political pornography. The sole truth and reality remains: Mohamed Morsi, the elected president of Egypt, lost his power to a military junta and its international solidarity networks.

  • The Arab Uprisings forcing the dictators to step down in the First Wave are to target the transformation of the old order and the establishment in the Second Wave.