Türkiye’s place in NATO questioned amid provocations in Europe

Rasmus Paludan, a Danish far-right extremist and racist politician, shamelessly burned a copy of the …
  • 2021 was not filled with many positive stories about Turkish-European Union relations. At the end of 2020, in a report published The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), we assessed the conclusion of cautious optimism for 2021. While the side of caution prevails, the optimism has been delayed for yet another year.
  • In today's global and regional developments, the Western world's otherizing and alienating of Turkey is nothing but an ideological blindness
  • The leader of Turkey's main opposition party continues to make unrealistic statements about Syrian refugees. CHP's leader, who has frequently come forward with racist and xenophobic statements, now promises to send Syrian refugees back to their country