Financing the Manufacturing Industry in Turkey

Turkey should switch its financial system from debt-based finance to equity-based finance to meet the manufacturing industry’s need for new investments.

The Turkish economy has been growing relatively well for the last few quarters, compared to other G20 countries. When we take a look at the composition of this growth, it is clear that consumption and government expenditures have been the main drivers of economic growth. On the other hand, investment expenditures and foreign trade have not provided much support to economic growth for almost two years. Although Turkey’s growth performance is valuable, especially when the global economy hits choppy water, it is not sufficient for the country to achieve its big targets (such as Vision 2023).

Turkey requires new investments, especially industrial investments, in order to steer its economy onto a sustainable path. Providing external financing opportunities is vital to make this happen. In this regard, financial institutions and markets such as banks, stock markets and venture capital can play a crucial role in helping Turkey to increase its manufacturing investment and to meet its economic targets.

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[Politics Today, September 9, 2016]

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