Türkiye and the West: A posteriori positive-sum ballad

With the manifestation of the national will evident, it is now time for Türkiye and …
  • The most common question on most minds nowadays would probably be the concern regarding how Türkiye is planning to bring inflation down and prop up the Turkish lira. Furthermore, why won’t policymakers raise interest rates like the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) or the European Central Bank (ECB)?
  • Just to recapitulate an essential point: Although the entire economic outlook is not dire, nominal variables are challenging in Türkiye. Nevertheless, unemployment, growth rate, industrial production, export and fiscal budget balances are usually positive.
  • In particular, earthquake-resilient housing retrofitting or reconstruction needs massive additional funding schemes, as public or individual funding mechanisms could never be sufficient. In addition, millions of private properties or residential buildings built before 2000 require urgent strengthening or rebuilding.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • In the wake of the great disaster that Türkiye has experienced, we are trying to heal each other’s wounds, mitigate each other’s suffering and rush to each other’s aid as a nation. We are compelled to highlight the economic impact of what happened in the devastation’s immediate aftermath while our memories and pain are still fresh. It is necessary to state and acknowledge that any attempt to restore and improve the “living standards” of Turkish citizens must rest on this assessment within the framework of the basic idea that the economy is supposed to serve the people. Universally speaking, economics is the science of allocating scarce resources optimally and we need its accumulated experience and principles more than ever amid crises.

  • Minimum wage debates have even turned into a rather ideological debate all over the world

  • The perception of Erdoğan as a leader to guide Türkiye in an increasingly uncertain world has come to be shared even by the opposition as attempts by Kılıçdaroğlu to dictate the political agenda have been backfiring

  • Greece, seeking to expand in Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean seas, sacrificed independence as ‘proxy’ state

  • In the post-pandemic order, Ankara seeks to explore new opportunities and find ways to reduce regional tensions