Anniversary of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria

SETA Security Researcher Merve Seren commented on the anniversary of the Operation Euphrates Shield.

SETA Security Researcher Merve Seren emphasized both the PKK and DAESH threat on the border that precipitated the operation and Turkish Armed Forces’ capability of carrying out such an operation after eliminating FETÖ members following the July 15 failed coup attempt. According to Seren Turkey has some objectives with the Operation Euphrates Shield that the first one is pushing DAESH members out of the border and prevent possible terrorist attacks. Second, as the most important one, is Turkey’s support for counter-terror operation of anti-DAESH coalition. The third one is stating a safe zone in Syrian territory. Seren also stated about the role of Turkish military in Syria for ensuring and sustaining stability in order to transform the area into a better living place for local people.

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