Recent unrest and shifting local alliances in Syria

Recent developments in Syria show that the dynamics caused by the civil war are still in …
  • For a considerable period, Türkiye and Syria have engaged in discussions aimed at reshaping their bilateral relationship into a new framework. Most recently, a diplomatic meeting took place in Moscow in April involving foreign ministers from both countries, along with Russia and Iran. However, since April, the trajectory of these talks has become increasingly uncertain. This uncertainty has been shaped by the complex nature of the Syrian conflict, the divergent priorities of the external actors, the strategically ambiguous behavior of the Bashar Assad regime and the lack of capacity of the state of Syria. Other dynamics exist that make the talks between Türkiye and Syria more difficult to reach the real objectives of the negotiations process.
  • The future of Syrian asylum-seekers in Turkey, which the opposition feels is a serious concern, should be determined according to the principles of harmony and peace
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Bu Konuda Daha Fazla