Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • PYD terrorist group supports Assad regime in attempt to benefit from Syrian civil war, says SETA.

  • Bullying Turkey through the proxy of regime forces and PYD militants won't make Ankara adopt an isolationist stance either. Integrating 3 million Sunni Arabs, after all, will only strengthen Turkey's ties with the Middle East.

  • Western actors especially should consider revising their positions on Syria and the refugee crisis before exerting pressure on Ankara, which has already taken in 2.7 million refugees and spent $9 billion for their care.

  • The slanderous claim of Erdoğan-al Qaeda link has been systematically voiced by the Gulen Group in Turkey. It is impossible to distinguish the mentality behind this slander from the Baath mentality in Syria or the US mentality in Afghanistan.