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SETA Security Radar Turkey s Security Landscape in 2021

SETA Security Radar | Turkey’s Security Landscape in 2021

Strategic Flexibility under Geopolitical Anxiety

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The year 2020 witnessed the rise of human insecurity not only in terms of the pandemic but also as a result of the continuation of military threats as conflicts took place all around the world from Syria to Libya, with no clear ending in sight. The nature of the warfare and conflicts, and the type of actors involved are in constant flow. Similarly, the increase in the activities of the international terrorist organizations, which are also gradually upgrading their warfare capacity, produced inevitable risks and lasting fear, making this phenomenon even harder to counter. The continuation of the conflicts and the rise of terrorism will play an important role in the states’ overall security landscapes. SETA Security Radar aims to offer a framework of strategic assessment of the major hotspots of Turkey’s foreign and security policy initiatives. By providing a policy-relevant analysis, SETA Security Radar intends to promote an understanding and awareness among the decision-making circles and those who are interested in Turkey’s geopolitical landscape in 2021.