Citizens collect donations for earthquake victims in Turkish provinces at Ahmet Taner Kislali Sports Hall in Ankara, Turkiye on February 07, 2023. Photo by Anadolu Images.

People across the Globe Send Aid to Turkey’s Earthquake Victims

The earthquake in Turkey has once again shown how social support networks can play a critical role in helping victims.

Following the 7.8 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes that that partially devastated 10 cities in Southern Turkey on February 6, 2023, many people rushed to mobilize resources and volunteers to help victims.

Calls for donations and volunteers to travel to the affected areas were made on social media in countries such as Pakistan, Kuwait, and Malaysia, adding to the efforts by official bodies in both Turkey and abroad. People across the globe are involved in sending humanitarian aid to Turkey to express solidarity with those affected by the earthquake and alleviate their suffering.

Popular global support

In Qatar, the campaign to collect aid for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey kicked off on Wednesday, February 8, 2023. The campaign has received a lot of support from Qataris, who provided their in-kind assistance to the Turkish School and the Yunus Emre Cultural Institute in Doha, in preparation for sending it to the affected areas. Aljazeera Network, based in Doha, has provided a full-time coverage of the earthquake, sending corresponds to different parts…


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