Analysis: THE WAR CRIMES OF ARMENIA | International Law and The Military Acts of Armenia In and Around Karabakh

This analysis discusses the violations of international humanitarian laws committed by Armenia since September 27, 2020 in the occupied Azerbaijani lands.

In the last century, comprehensive and universal rules of law regulating arms and the methods of military conflicts, both in international and internal armed conflicts, have been established through international conventions with broad participation. Today, these rules are called “international humanitarian law” and the vast majority of violations of these rules constitute crimes that lead to personal criminal liability. The kind of violations committed by Armenia during the occupation of the lands of Azeris in and around the region of Karabakh between 1992 and 1994 have been identified by independent international reports. It is a dramatic development that such violations by Armenia have returned to the agenda as of September 27, 2020, with the ongoing conflict in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. Even a general overview lays bare the violations of numerous international humanitarian laws by the Armenian forces during the current clashes. In order to judge the perpetrators committing these crimes, at the present stage, the detection of these activities and seeking justice at international bodies are important.

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