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SETA Security Radar Türkiye s Geopolitical Landscape in 2024

SETA Security Radar | Türkiye’s Geopolitical Landscape in 2024

In this new volume of SETA Security Radar, we analyze the main dynamics shaping Türkiye’s security and geopolitical landscape with references to the most significant foreign policy and security issues throughout 2023.

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Türkiye’s strategic environment will be characterized by dynamism and diversity, culminating in a somewhat constraining regional atmosphere that ultimately poses challenges to Türkiye’s new regional and international orientation. There are crises surrounding Türkiye’s vicinity geographically, but the geopolitical implications and meaning of each varies. In this latest edition of SETA Security Radar, we delve into the significant events that have molded Turkish foreign, security, and defense policies throughout 2023. Our analysis centers on the interactive aspects of Türkiye’s evolving strategic environment. By closely examining the key dynamics of 2023, we aim to forecast the trajectory of Türkiye’s foreign policy in 2024. Click here to download the PDF version of the study (106 Pages – 11.70 MB) for free.