Ince and HDP: Factors to consider in first round of Turkish elections

With nearly 50 days left until the Turkish elections, the People’s Alliance and the Nation Alliance are doing everything possible to win the Presidency in the first round.

Ince and HDP Factors to consider in first round of
Solving or just discussing Turkey's 'Kurdish question'

Solving or just discussing? Turkey's 'Kurdish question'

CHP and the IP may face two problems at once. Failure to talk about autonomy or native-language education would get them stuck between Erdoğan’s Diyarbakır address and the HDP’s demands. Discussing the problems with the reconciliation process would put the CHP and the IP, not the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), in a difficult position.


By using images women, terror outfit presents itself as Western, says political expert

Tensions have once again peaked between Turkey and Greece over a number of traditional disputes involving the Aegean and Cyprus, as well as over recent disagreements regarding maritime jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean. Athens has attempted to invalidate Turkey’s November 2019 agreement with Libya to limit Turkish control over area in the Eastern Mediterranean spanning to the Gulf of Antalya. Athens believes it can pursue an unjust and maximalist policy with support from France, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Greek Cypriots. Given the recent dispute over the Aegean continental shelf, the Eastern Mediterranean has emerged as the main platform for a renewed rivalry between Turkey and Greece.

The conduct of German authorities toward terrorist groups varies as the country favors some, such as the YPG, hesitating to hold the terrorists accountable under the law and disregarding judicial requirements.

Tensions between Turkey and the United States de-escalated thanks to a recent agreement on the proposed safe zone in Syria. If Washington sticks to the deal, joint steps could follow in Syria and Iraq.

The HDP leadership in crisis

PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan's call on the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) to remain neutral in the Istanbul rerun was the campaign season's final surprise.

The HDP leadership in crisis
CENTCOM s policies in Syria paving ground for more terrorism

CENTCOM’s policies in Syria paving ground for more terrorism

With no Daesh-held territories left and McGurk, Votel gone, time for the US to seriously reassess the role of CENTCOM and its policies


As the last remaining Daesh territory is on the verge of elimination, a worrying number of Daesh militants, mostly women and their children, have surrendered themselves to the People's Protection Units (YPG).

By speaking of the Adana agreement signed between Ankara and Damascus in 1998, Russian President Putin aims to encourage both sides to cooperate together for the future of Syria

While Daesh cells still do carry out attacks in Manbij and other YPG/PKK-held areas, the neighboring opposition-held Al-Bab or Jarablus remain safe from Daesh attacks, both of them being among the areas Turkey cleaned from Daesh

In the new Syria, where the U.S. will withdraw and Russia is aware of Turkish security concerns, the YPG terrorists have no option other than to stop dreaming of gaining a legal status

The same day the congressional elections took place in the U.S., the State Department announced that it would offer rewards for information leading to the arrest of three major PKK figures, namely Murat Karayılan, Cemil Bayık and Duran Kalkan.

The U.S. has decided to put a bounty on the heads of top three PKK terrorists. The step has been seen in Ankara as a belated move and insufficient to restore trust in ties, as Washington continues to back the YPG – the PKK's Syrian offshoot

Turkey's war against the PKK and the People's Protection Units (YPG) is often presented as a Turkey versus Kurds storyline in mainstream, international media outlets.

The American invasion of Iraq can be demonstrated as a textbook example of how to kill a state and destroy a population, if not a nation.


PKK/PYD attacks towards Turks and Turkish buildings in Europe from 01.01.2017 to 15.03.2017

Contrary to claims from some malicious circles, the main reason for Turkey's presence in Syria is to purge its border of terrorist elements

In one of the most debated books in the U.S., "Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of the Nations," Amy Chua, a Yale University professor, wrote about how identity politics abroad is often missed by the U.S. and how this negligence has generated major failures in U.S. foreign policy.