Ramadan, Gaza and anti-Islam sentiment

Friday marked the fifth day of Ramadan. Unfortunately, there is still no cease-fire in Gaza, and Israel continues to kill Palestinians waiting for food supplies. Earlier this week, Israeli troops killed six Palestinians and injured 83 others as they waited in line to receive a bag of flour. That was not the first time, and it won’t be the last.

Ramadan Gaza and anti-Islam sentiment
France's stance on Taiwan Macron backs the 'status quo'

France's stance on Taiwan: Macron backs the 'status quo'

The tension in the Indo-Pacific region is escalating day by day due to steps adopted by the United States concerning the Taiwan issue. Washington aims to wear out China, with which it is engaged in global competition, and to besiege it in the Pacific. In light of the latest developments, which pose a high risk in terms of global security and stability, the possibility that the crisis may turn into a war has sparked fear. This has left many to wonder how European countries will react if China decides to attack Taiwan.


French President Emmanuel Macron paid an important visit to China and met Chinese President Xi Jinping last week in the shadow of the fierce protests in the streets against the government and its controversial pension reform.

U.K. follows a strict policy to minimize irregular migration toward its borders. For this, it tries to alleviate the burden of combating irregular migration by making legal arrangements within itself and signing agreements with other countries. Based on these, it can be said that the U.K. will continue to make new and concrete decisions against irregular migration in the upcoming period.

Natural disasters, wars, and economic collapse tend to seriously undermine social order and make it impossible to address even people’s most basic needs. During such periods, it becomes difficult for communities to feed themselves, find shelter, receive medical attention, relocate, and communicate with others. Individuals and communities have provided emergency assistance to such individuals, without expecting anything in return, to address basic needs like food, shelter, and medical treatment throughout history.

The EU and U.K. have reached a new agreement in principle called the 'Windsor Framework,' replacing the old protocol and setting out the parameters of the new period related to the Brexit issue

'Indyref2': Is Scotland's independence referendum possible?

It is now being discussed that the Scots can declare their independence unilaterally despite the fact that the approval of the U.K. Parliament is a mandatory requirement before Scotland is allowed to have a referendum

Indyref2' Is Scotland's independence referendum possible
What challenges await Rishi Sunak as UK PM

What challenges await Rishi Sunak as UK PM?

There are comments suggesting that Rishi Sunak is 'weak' and that he will be unable to hold on to politics for long. But the fact that he was one of the leading ministers who forced ex-Prime Minister Johnson to resign in July indicates that Sunak may step outside of his 'passive' profile


The quantification of fronts began to attract interest in the late twentieth century with the development of new concepts like the electronic order of battle, electronic warfare, information warfare and network-centered operations.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson left office on July 7, following the resignation of more than 50 senior government officials.

The Rome meeting has shown once again how countries need one another to combat existing security crises

It seems that, as long as France plays an exploitative role in its relations with other global and regional powers, it is destined to lose its reach on a global scale and to be reduced to a mid-sized power. It does not have the capacity to play a game-changing role on the world stage. The only chance for France is the consolidation of its position within the EU and NATO alliance. Only together with the EU and NATO can France hope to play an effective role in international politics.

France, an aggressive ex-colonizer, attempts to make up for its loss of reputation and power by starting fights with Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey is becoming more and more competitive compared to the rest of the rising powers. Indeed, the critics of the recent improvement of Turkey’s relations with Russia are looking for new alliances to undermine the old.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the standing and popularity of major economies around the world. None of the top three major economies handled the pandemic well. China, as the epicenter of the pandemic and its failure to inform the world about it; the EU, as the second epicenter of the pandemic and its failure to help member countries; and the United States, as the third epicenter of the outbreak and its failure to contain the crisis, all lost credibility.

The traditional notion of the 'Western alliance' is no longer relevant for Ankara, which has instead adopted a more effective approach dominated by its own diplomatic agenda

The most recent regional crisis erupted in South Asia after the Indian Air Force crossed into Pakistani air space in order to hit Kashmiri armed groups. The story of the crisis goes back to the end of British colonialism in the subcontinent.

U.S. President Donald Trump is eager to declare victory against Daesh, yet his military commanders express concerns that the terrorist defeat might be short-lived.

The Munich Security Conference is an influential platform where global security trends are discussed every year by academics and policymakers.

Erdoğan's call on Maduro to ‘stand tall' reflects a sense of long-standing unity that began when the Venezuelan leader had expressed solidarity with Turkey during the July 15, 2016 coup attempt

Trump tweeted victory over Daesh and said he was pulling US troops from Syria. Turkey and Russia have welcomed the decision. France and the UK say they're staying engaged. The US withdrawal could change the balance of forces in the Syrian war.

The devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where people are struggling to survive and save themselves from diseases, has gone largely unnoticed for years