Identity politics or national identity debate?

Turkey never ceases to debate 'identity politics' around elections. In previous elections, political parties tapped into distinctions between religious and secular citizens, Sunnis and Alevis, or Turks and Kurds, in open or veiled manners, to influence voters.

Identity politics or national identity debate
Rationalism or populism in Turkey's political alliances

Rationalism or populism in Turkey's political alliances?

The opposition could contribute to the long-term rationalization of the alliance system by creating a program and identifying one or more candidate(s) that could take Turkey beyond the 2023 election with an eye on the balance between foreign policy, domestic politics and the economy.


The new plan proposed by the People's Alliance seeks to blend 'justice in representation' and 'stability of the government

The Turkish government adopted a dynamic approach toward the Ukraine crisis. Its purpose is to shelter the country from the war’s repercussions and to contribute to a policy with the potential to promote peace.

All three parties that formed the new government follow a center-right ideology and have previously formed a coalition government. In addition, as stated in the government program, all three parties advocate a two-state solution to the Cyprus issue, give importance to close relations with Turkey in all areas and plan to open the remaining parts of Varosha (Maraş).

The Turkish government's new diplomatic initiative with its regional and global partners is based on logic, while the opposition still has no idea why it rejects the process

The dilemmas in Turkish opposition bloc's roundtable

The oligarchical plan proposed by the 6 +1 opposition parties can never be embraced by the Turkish electorate

The dilemmas in Turkish opposition bloc's roundtable
What a table it was indeed

‘What a table it was indeed’

Recent gatherings around two tables, one in Ankara and the other in Moscow, bring to mind a line from a famous Turkish poem: 'What a table it was indeed'


The leaders of Turkey’s six opposition parties will hold their first roundtable meeting on Feb. 12. Having agreed to the need for an "augmented" parliamentary system, they had been facing criticism over their seeming fragmentation and lack of a common political agenda.

Western countries fail to stay united in the face of Russian power in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis

The main opposition's possible ambitious policy proposal on the Kurdish question would mean direct disunity among the opposition bloc's parties

The country is wedged between an aggressive power and idle disunity, suffering from a lack of independence

The Turkish opposition’s waywardness alarms its mentors, who warn that the election is 'theirs to lose.'

The 2023 elections in Turkey could be the most original contest in our nation’s political history – for several reasons.

The leaders of DEVA and the GP have already taken some steps. They are attempting to be more active and to generate some level of legitimacy for their movements.

Considering the terrorism issue and political fronts, it wouldn't be a surprise if conservative Kurds voted for the People's Alliance

As a country where Russian, American, Chinese and other foreign companies have invested, Kazakhstan cannot address problems by isolating itself or overhauling its multidimensional foreign policy.

Everyone agrees that Turkey will hold a very competitive election in 2023. To say that the language of politics in the country, which is already living in the shadow of the election, has grown stronger no longer amounts to actual analysis.

It is no secret that the CHP, which constantly attempts to reach out to the political right, has failed to win over conservatives to date. The political engineers cannot seem to wrap their heads around the nature of religious conservative voters, however hard they may try.

The opposition will not stop demanding an early election in 2022, while the current government will want to wait until the country's new economic model starts yielding results.

It is difficult to say Biden made good on his 'America is back' slogan