Emerging Military Weapon Technologies in Outer Space | SETA Emerging Military Technologies Series .3.

Outer space and the related studies emerged once again as a strategically important domain in a military sense among countries with access to space. In this regard, space technologies and the ability to access space are viewed as a kind of force multiplier in the military terminology. Indeed, the ability to defend oneself from one’s enemies, the development of new space weapons and access to all areas for intelligence purposes serve to further strengthen any given nation’s army. This report takes into consideration the global trends to provide a comprehensive analysis of the above-mentioned points.

Emerging Military Weapon Technologies in Outer Space SETA Emerging Military
Spider-Man vs superpower rivalries Power and technology

Spider-Man vs. superpower rivalries: Power and technology

Technology has always been one of these factors and its role has become more consistent throughout the years. Whether in intelligence or hardcore security, technology has always been utilized by countries during their rivalries with their counterparts. But we may be at a critical turning point in regards to the role of technology.


The new United States administration made waves with its “value-based” statements. In his first exclusive interview last week, U.S. President Joe Biden called Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a “killer” and vowed to make him “pay a price” for meddling in the U.S. elections.

The normality of change is now part of the human condition. But the changes we see taking place over a person's lifespan are too fast and go too far as history outpaces life. Now, the role of technology that plays into concerns about individual privacy has increasingly become alarming.