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Turkey s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy What to expect Next

Turkey’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy | What to expect Next?

What is Artificial Intelligence? What is the role and impact of Artificial Intelligence? What is Turkey’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy?

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Originating in 1965 during the Dartmouth Conference, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not only become impossible to disregard but its study and application have become a necessity. Many experts consider AI to be the 4th Industrial Revolution1 and a power force multiplier as it has the potential to transform every realm of the human life, i.e., economy, politics, warfare, health, trade, etc. Many state leaders have all made important statements that bring to the fore the significance of AI, which can be summarized with what Putin stated on September 2017: “Whoever becomes the leader in AI, will rule the world.” At the same time, many states have focused on developing their AI national strategy and, alongside non-state organizations and private companies, they have taken decisive steps in AI research and development (R&D). Within this perspective, on August 20, 2021, Turkey announced its national AI strategy, which will guide its AI policies for the next four years (2021- 2025). This can be considered as one of the most important steps undertaken by the Turkish government in terms of an AI road map and its application. More than 50 states have already published or are working on an AI national strategy that makes it obligatory for Turkey to create a road map regarding AI and start to apply and use it in different areas…