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Perspective From a Tactical Move to a Strategic Challenge Operation

Perspective | From a Tactical Move to a Strategic Challenge: Operation IRINI

What is the discourse of the intervention in the Turkish-flagged vessel ROSELINA-A? Is the operation consistent in terms of military and technical considerations? What could be the outcomes of the operation against the ROSELINA-A?

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THE DISCOURSE OF THE INTERVENTION The EU intervened in the Turkish-flagged vessel ROSELINA-A, which was loaded with humanitarian assistance (construction materials and food) and heading towards the city of Misurata in Libya. The discourse of the operation is crucial in understanding whether the overall practice complies with maritime norms and is within the limits of goodwill. The primary task of Operation IRINI, which started on March 31, 2020, was declared to be the implementation of United Nations Security Council’s Resolutions 2292 (2016) and 2526 (2020).1 Resolution 2526 (2020) “allow States, acting nationally or through regional organizations, to inspect vessels on the high seas bound to or from Libya, given reasonable grounds to believe that they violate the Council’s arms embargo.”..