7 Aralık 2021. (AP)

7 Aralık 2021. (Foto: AP)

Ukraine: Victim of global rivalry

The country is wedged between an aggressive power and idle disunity, suffering from a lack of independence

In my column last week, I have asked whether Ukraine is on the table or at the table. The recent developments show that Ukraine is considered as the subject, not the actor reeling under crisis. Therefore, Ukraine is not at the table but on the table. Neither the Western alliance nor the Russian Federation cares what Ukraine needs. Each side has been trying to intervene in the domestic politics of Ukraine to maximize their respective interests vis-a-vis the other side.

As a result of these external interventions, Ukrainian domestic politics is divided into two sections pushing the state into constant turmoil. While one group seeks the country’s future within the Western alliance, the other side supports closer relations with the Russian Federation.

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