Sadık Ünay

Researcher, Economy, İstanbul
Completed his undergraduate education at Bogaziçi University-İstanbul in 1997 and received his MA (1999) and PhD (2005) in international political economy from the University of Manchester in the UK. He worked as an academic at the Universities of Manchester, Birmingham, Huddersfield in the UK; and at Maltepe, Yıldız Teknik and İstanbul Şehir universities in Turkey. He wrote Kalkınmacı Modernlik: Küresel Ekonomi Politik ve Türkiye (Developmentalist Modernity: Global Political Economy and Turkey) (2013) and Neoliberal Globalization and Institutional Reform: Political Economy of Development Planning in Turkey (2006). He acted as an advisor to Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). As an expert on international political economy, development economics, industry-technology policies and the Asia-Pacific he published numerous articles in esteemed national and international academic journals. Currently he writes weekly columns for the Daily Sabah newspaper.