Murat Aslan

He graduated from War College in the field of Management in 1991. He assumed varying tasks and appointments in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). He graduated from Master’s (2010) and PhD programs (2017) in the International Relations Department of the Middle Eastern Technical University. He scrutinized the Chinese soft power practices through cultural diffusion efforts and African policy for a Master’s degree. His Ph. D. research was about intelligence and propaganda efforts in peace-oriented undertakings based on the UN and NATO practices in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

His studies are primarily on the security and defence studies, the conceptualization of power, intelligence and propaganda practices. He had been commissioned to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, facilitating the comparison of theory and practice when he was in Service. The primary region he has been interested in is the Middle East; he had monitored wider Afghanistan, Balkans, the USA, and China as the secondary academic effort. He was a faculty member of the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University of Turkey after teaching as a visiting scholar at Başkent University. He is currently a faculty member at Hasan Kalyoncu University and a Researcher in SETA Foundation.

Aslan is the author of the boks - Security Sector Reform for Libya: A Cruical Step Towards State Building, The Crisis of the Hundred Years: Afghanistan, Intelligence and Propaganda: The Cases of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan, other than academic and scholarly articles.
  • On Dec. 1, the Wall Street Journal published a story by Dion Nissenbaum saying that Israel is planning to kill Hamas members around the world, mentioning those living in Lebanon, Türkiye, and Qatar. Turkish officials responded with a harsh statement through Anadolu that the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) will never permit such undertakings, as various intelligence organizations tried to in the past. Pointing out the illegality of these alleged acts in Türkiye, officials said they had warned Mossad representatives in Türkiye. Turkish intelligence has made public several intelligence operations revealing Mossad cells and their activities in Türkiye. This shows that another wave of intelligence competition is coming in the days ahead including Mossad’s quest to attack Hamas in third countries and the MIT’s efforts to repel the Mossad threats.
  • This analysis aims to examine the current situation in the military and political context of Hamas’s October 7 operation and Israel’s ongoing operations.
  • US backing Israel with weapons, aircraft carriers, consultants and more, according to experts
  • If rocket was fired from Gaza, Israel's Iron Dome air defense system should have been activated, says Murat Aslan , who examines Tel Aviv's claims from various perspectives
  • The results of last week's Turkish election runoff came in sooner than anticipated. By 7pm in Istanbul (4pm GMT), it was clear that incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had won another term in office with a little over 52 percent of the vote.