Why LNG is Significant for Turkey’s Energy Market

In order to become a central country in energy trade, it is first necessary for Turkey to reduce natural gas import dependence on a handful of countries. With LNG trading, Turkey will be able to achieve this independence.

In the 21st Century, natural gas is undergoing its “golden age” with the emergence of new technology for its development. This development opens doors for exploring new energy alternatives. New technologies particularly in energy production and trade have produced an increased demand especially for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trade.

The cost of transferring natural gas from pipelines to overseas countries is too high. LNG allows the transfer of natural gas via special vessels after liquefaction to different destinations. With LNG, natural gas can reach places where pipelines cannot reach. The geographical accessibility provided by LNG, and the security problems conventional natural gas pipelines face, have increased demand for LNG.

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[Politics Today, December 23, 2016]

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