Podcast: Russia-Ukraine War | A Two-Year Review

Russia-Ukraine War | A Two-Year Review

Podcast Russia-Ukraine War A Two-Year Review
Q amp A Turkish Foreign Minister s Visit to Washington

Q&A: Turkish Foreign Minister’s Visit to Washington

What is the background and significance of the Turkish foreign minister’s visit to Washington? What are the differences and similarities between the two countries’ Ukraine policies? Will the U.S. sell F-16s to Türkiye? What is Türkiye’s position on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership? What is Washington’s view on Türkiye’s engagement with the Syrian regime?


The nuclear showdown between Russia and the West deepened concerns around the world.

With the human and economic costs of the war now unbearable not just for the warring sides but for almost all states, many have begun to talk about reconciliation, especially their close trade partners.

To mitigate the negative impacts of the prolonged war in Ukraine, Turkey's solution for a sustainable cease-fire can be adopted by all sides

The further escalation of the Russia-Ukraine war can only be prevented if warring sides take bolder steps for negotations

New Cold War' discourses becoming more widespread

As the Russia-Ukraine war resumes and the tension in world politics deepens, we are starting to hear more about the discourse of a 'new Cold War'

New Cold War' discourses becoming more widespread
Where is the Russia-Ukraine war heading

Where is the Russia-Ukraine war heading?

Despite all their humanitarian rhetoric, Western countries insistently refrain from participating in the peace process to end the Russia-Ukraine war


There is no reason to envy Turkey for actively facilitating the solution of a European dispute or to draw unnecessary parallels. Quite the contrary, the West needs to support Turkish efforts to end this war – which happens to hurt everyone’s interests.

Russian invasion of Ukraine has mobilized NATO and the Western alliance, and it is finally creating a new conversation about the future of regional security arrangements

Turkiye's regional prominence in the Black Sea region, and substantial strategic and commercial ties with Russia and Ukraine have given it an advantage in facilitating peace talks between the two countries

The absence of inclusive, convincing and strong leaders in European capitals is causing great trouble for the continent amid the Ukraine crisis

Regardless of the outcome of the talks, Europe won’t forget the Russian threat and Russia can no longer avoid being isolated from the Western-centered global economic system

Turkey's balanced approach to the Ukraine crisis amid normalization with its partners can contribute to the strategic transformation in its ties with the West