Palestinian issue during Biden’s term

Expectations need to be moderated despite the optimism

Palestinian issue during Biden s term
ICC ruling on Israel Test for 'America is back' policy

ICC ruling on Israel: Test for 'America is back' policy

Last week, the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled it would extend its jurisdiction to the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


This critically important book includes chapters both contextualizing and discussing the U.S. administration’s Jerusalem declaration in great detail. Various sections authored by American, Latin American, European, and Turkish authors examine the international responses to the U.S. President Trump’s declaration.

In our conflict resolution classes, we emphasize certain fundamental principles and norms. One such principle is that in protracted conflicts like the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it would be impossible to reach a sustainable solution if a key human need of the conflicting party is ignored.

It has become almost customary for every U.S. administration to propose a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem in the Middle East. For some, like the Bill Clinton administration, it became almost a legacy issue. The administration and its president spent countless days and weeks on the process and the failure of the peace process, which they deemed the best possible deal, upset them deeply.

After U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he will release his long-awaited Middle East peace plan, known as the "Deal of the Century," Middle Eastern observers started to discuss the proposal. The plan, which reflects the vision of the Trump administration toward the Palestinian-Israeli question, was drafted by a commission established by President Trump. The team was led by Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and his adviser for the Middle East. Trump has declared that he will reveal the plan on Jan. 29 after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz.

Al-Quds | History, Religion and Politics

Considering the transformation process in the Middle East and the global transition, it is clear that the Palestinian-Israeli question and the issue of al-Quds will continue to dominate the agenda of the Middle East and global system. Recent regional developments such as Trump’s decision regarding the future of Jerusalem and the solution proposal called the “Deal of Century” by the Trump Administration demonstrate that the holy city of al-Quds will continue to be discussed. This timely book will surely contribute to the discussion.

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Saudi Arabia is in big trouble

Saudi Arabia is in big trouble

Riyadh has a long history of abductions and enforced disappearances when it comes to dissidents.


The first mission for the leaders of the Islamic world would be to display unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian cause and oppose unilateral provocations to determine the international status of Al-Quds

Netanyahu's greed and the brutality of Israeli security forces will only push Palestinians away from a diplomatic solution. It is the international community's responsibility to create a peaceful environment for a two-state solution

The U.S. government's decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem is a turning point in history and will fuel instability and violence in the Middle East

Since becoming the U.S. president, Donald Trump never ceased to surprise international observers by his sheer speed in deconstructing all diplomatic efforts and compromises reached at multilateral platforms and ardently destroying the legacy of his predecessor Barack Obama.

As the political and social atmosphere in the international system is rapidly evolving in favor of discriminatory figures, the warm meeting between Erdoğan and the pope was extremely valuable

If Egypt is really making an axis shift from its historic ally U.S. to Russia, then Pence's upcoming visit to Cairo will be very important for the future of Washington's Middle East strategies

President Erdoğan pushes for a better and more just world whilst pledging to pay the price of challenging oppression. This is why the Sudanese people welcomed him with open arms

Although the U.N. General Assembly decision is legally non-binding, the wide scope of global opposition to the U.S. on the status of al-Quds indicates a heavy loss of prestige and legitimacy for Washington, which could translate into a loss of effectiveness in foreign policy making on the Middle East.

The EU, France, the U.K., Germany, Russia and China all declared that the American administration had taken a wrong and provocative step that could damage peace efforts and trigger widespread violence.

By having indoctrinated Trump in the controversial Jerusalem decision, Pence has made a fair amount of opponents in the Middle East

Donald Trump's Jerusalem move made the situation in the Middle East even worse. Without east Jerusalem, there can be no two-state solution.

In its ending declaration, Trump's decision on Jerusalem was harshly condemned and a call was made for the U.S. to take a step back and if it didn't, it would be responsible for everything that will occur next. Another striking emphasis about the U.S. was the statements from OIC states that the U.S. should step away from its role in the peace process.