Arab Spring: A flashback to past 10 years

The wave of democratization, which began with the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, took down the authoritarian leaders of Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Whereas the uprising in Bahrain was crushed thanks to Saudi Arabia’s military intervention, Iran and Russia ensured the survival of Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria.

Arab Spring A flashback to past 10 years
Still too early to be optimistic about stability in Syria

Still too early to be optimistic about stability in Syria

An important meeting was held between the leaders of Turkey, Iran and Russia in Ankara on Sept. 16. The three actors' positions were close in the last trilateral meeting. The leaders of the three countries agreed on the structure of the constitutional commission and reiterated their commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria. They also supported the idea of reducing the tensions in Idlib province.


Çankaya Palace in Ankara was home to a historic trilateral summit on Monday. The presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran met for the fifth time in two years to discuss the situation in Idlib, refugees, the most recent developments in northeastern Syria and the proposed constitutional committee.

What does the Sochi Agreement Mean for Idlib? What are the Implications of This Agreement? What are the Challenges Facing the Sochi Agreement?

Turkey has said it is resolutely committed to clearing the YPG terror threat from northeastern Syria and recently shelled YPG positions along its borders. Experts say Ankara will no longer wait around for the Manbij deal and will take any necessary steps to address the issue

While long distance has been covered against Daesh on many fronts, war is still far from complete

Aid should focus on development: Turkey’s first lady

Turkey’s vision of humanitarian aid is not about aid packages or vulnerable people waiting in line, says Emine Erdogan

Aid should focus on development Turkey s first lady
Idlib agreement A strategic threshold

Idlib agreement: A strategic threshold

If Russia and Turkey can make the Idlib deal work, their cooperation in Syria will mean the two countries have crossed a strategic threshold


Talks on Syria have brought Ankara and Moscow closer together, and are helping in developments and collaboration on other bilateral issues such as nuclear energy, natural gas, tourism and trade

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Monday. .

Regime leader Assad wants to claim victory over Idlib to prove he has Syrian lands under his control, says analyst

However, the latest crisis in Syria can actually help revive relations, but only if the U.S. and Turkey can establish a meaningful conversation, effective channels for dialogue and the intention to work together toward common objectives.

It is crucial that the international community concentrates on diplomatic efforts to revive the political process, and it must also put more pressure on Russia, Iran and the Assad regime to prevent the imminent military offensive against Idlib

Regional and global actors cannot reach common ground in order to end the Idlib crisis, signaling that the Syrian civil war will most probably get worse in the future

The Tehran trilateral summit did not result in the best solution to the crisis in Idlib, but it was a good starting point for the peace process

One of the most significant unknowns in Washington for the last seven years has been the Syrian policy. The inconsistency between rhetoric and policy, the absence of a strategy and indecisiveness were considered the pillars of the U.S. position

Syrian regime forces are preparing to launch a major military operation against opposition-led groups in the Idlib province of northern Syria.

Had it not been for President Erdoğan's strong leadership, Turkey might have panicked in the face of pressing issues and failed to prevent existing problems or meet new challenges

What was the strategic importance of Manbij for the United States, the PKK/PYD, and Turkey? What topics will be covered by the roadmap in Manbij? How sincere is the U.S. with Turkey about its PKK/PYD policy? Will U.S. military activity in Sinjar Mountain jeopardize Manbij Agreement?

French President Emmanuel Macron paid an official visit to Washington to meet his American counterpart Donald Trump.

The airstrikes launched by the United States, Britain and France on regime positions in Syria provided all with a sense of victory