The Suspension of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE)

What is the significance of the CFE? Which countries suspended or has withdrawn from the CFE? Why did Turkiye suspend the practice of the CFE? Can Turkiye start an armament program exceeding the existing limits of the CFE? What could be the impact of Turkiye’s suspension?

The Suspension of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in
Türkiye s increasing constructive role in int'l institutions

Türkiye’s increasing constructive role in int'l institutions

As Türkiye is still trying to develop its political, military and economic relations with the West on the basis of equal partnership, it also tries to develop its relations with non-Western international organizations in response to the Western nations' marginalization and alienation


Experts discussed ongoing Russia's war in Ukraine and shared their expectations over the course of the war as part of a session of the Turkish national broadcaster TRT's World Forum on Saturday.

Despite all their humanitarian rhetoric, Western countries insistently refrain from participating in the peace process to end the Russia-Ukraine war

One way or the way, all Ankara wants is a peaceful solution to the escalating standoff in Ukraine

Turkish-German relations: Inevitable cooperation

The economic relations between Turkey and Germany play a constructive role despite political crises and challenges while also contributing to resolving regional and global problems

Turkish-German relations Inevitable cooperation
EU summit and Macron's brand new nonsense

EU summit and Macron's brand new nonsense

French President Emmanuel Macron is back on the stage with more of the outlandish claims we have come to expect. In a seeming attempt to make up for his failure to get the European Union to sanction Turkey, the Frenchman launched a fresh attack against Ankara. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel stresses the importance of interdependence and a constructive relationship, Macron continues to threaten Turkey with sanctions.


Armenia engaged in acts of aggression in Nagorno-Karabakh, days after its attack on Tovuz in western Azerbaijan. That country opened fire on its neighbor’s civilian population on Sunday, which elicited a strong military response from Baku. A number of villages have since come under Azerbaijani control. It would appear that Yerevan made a huge miscalculation in the Caucasus and did not take seriously enough Turkey’s commitment to stand in solidarity with Azerbaijan.

Distracting Turkey's political focus among main motives behind Armenian aggression, according to Murat Yesiltas

Insight Turkey, one of the leading academic journals in Turkey and the region, in its first issue for 2018 brings to its readers valuable articles that focus mainly on China’s foreign policy. “Persistent Rise of China: Global Challenges and Regional Dynamics” assesses China’s growing influence in international and regional politics and experts in this field provide different perspectives regarding China’s global challenges and the regional dynamics.

Thanks to the 'yes' result in the constitutional referendum, Turkey is going to negotiate with its foreign allies with renewed confidence in the following days

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