What went wrong for Russia in Ukraine

'The current pace and direction of the events indicate that Russia will come out of the war isolated, weaker and more vulnerable'

What went wrong for Russia in Ukraine
Will Turkey pursue nuclear weapons

Will Turkey pursue nuclear weapons?

In recent days, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's remarks added a new twist to this mix. On the one hand, he is laying the groundwork for his upcoming address to the United Nations General Assembly, conveying messages to relevant world leaders. At the same time, Erdoğan is unveiling his new road map for party politics. Two topics, i.e. emerging political movements and the safe zone/refugee debate, have been around for some time. The third issue, Turkey's intention to obtain nuclear warheads, is new.


The most recent regional crisis erupted in South Asia after the Indian Air Force crossed into Pakistani air space in order to hit Kashmiri armed groups. The story of the crisis goes back to the end of British colonialism in the subcontinent.

The behavior of the great powers in the international system, emerging threats to international security, declining expectations from international organizations, surfacing nationalism and protectionism and arising trade wars all signal that something is approaching or the world is quickly approaching a point of total disarray.

Gulf states, which try to harm Turkey by sanctioning covert operations against it, must wake up to the looming threat of Iranian expansionism without further delay

The anniversary of the brutal Nagasaki attack should be an important reminder for all of us, in order not to allow such a deadly incident to happen again in any part of the world

Trump's Moscow gamble

Nowadays it is hard to find a film analogy to describe U.S.-Russia relations. The rivalry of old days and the reset of the recent past are all over.

Trump's Moscow gamble
Trump-Kim agreement A diplomatic success or a public spectacle

Trump-Kim agreement: A diplomatic success or a public spectacle?

U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Leader Kim Jong Un's historic summit on Sentosa Island, Singapore ended with the signing of a document and joint statement from the two leaders. The two agreed to work on complete denuclearization and joining their efforts to build lasting and stable peace on the Korean Peninsula.


As the new site of international hegemonic competition, East Asia perfectly reflects the multipolar character of the global system

Conflictual and exclusivist foreign policies are simply zero-sum games; the normalization of politics in the Middle East requires balanced relations among regional states

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan , who also holds the position of president for the OIC Summit, paid a historic visit to Uzbekistan as an indication of recently intensifying bilateral relations between the two countries.

As Presidents Moon and Kim conduct early rounds of peace negotiations, the issues of denuclearization and drawing up a formal peace treaty to officially end the Korean War will be high on the agenda

If the U.S. really wants to withdraw from Syria and stop meddling in Middle Eastern politics, it should start by reconsidering the ideological profiles of major policy makers in Washington

Trump's new strategy on Iran and the nuclear deal is likely to also have a huge impact on U.S. allies in the region

In this issue, Insight Turkey, deals with the events in world politics with the interpretation of Turkish and foreign authors. The issue discusses how U.S. President Donald Trump won the presidential election, and the changes and challenges that Trump brought to the U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

Trump should take into account public opinion in the U.S.'s two allied states in the region, South Korea and Japan, before escalating its nuclear tension with Kim Jong Un

The trauma and shock experienced after the world's deadliest attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be a lesson for those who are seeking nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea

It is time for global actors to take some initiatives against the security crisis led by the unpredictable regime in North Korea

Globetrotting may make Japan more visible up to a certain point. More important is discussing and debating the potential options in foreign policy.

The people of Turkey who came face to face with tanks and armed soldiers on the streets and who witnessed the murders of civilians feel a true sense of resentment toward the dogmatic comments from American and British media

On the night of July 15, the Turkish people showed the entire world that they have the capacity to protect and defend their democracy, liberties, values and lifestyles