What do the results of Super Tuesday indicate?

In American elections, especially in swing states, the turnout of party voters is crucial. Trump, while seeking to win over independent voters against Biden, also needs to court Republican voters. Haley's announcement of withdrawing from the race and not endorsing Trump in her speech aimed to remind the party's internal opposition that cannot be easily ignored. Haley indicated this by stating that Trump would "make an effort to win the votes of those who didn't vote for him." Despite the knowledge that Trump would comfortably win on Super Tuesday and secure the party nomination, a quarter of voters in many states expressed their dissatisfaction by voting for Haley. Haley's ability to garner significant support without spending substantial amounts on campaign ads last week demonstrates the presence of a considerable number of people dissatisfied with Trump's candidacy.

What do the results of Super Tuesday indicate
The binary outcome of upcoming US elections Trump wins or

The binary outcome of upcoming US elections: Trump wins, or Trumpism prevails

Surveys show that Trump has left his mark on the Republican Party and transformed it.


Clearly, the Trump administration's threats were intended to prevent the U.N. General Assembly from voting overwhelmingly to support a resolution sponsored by Turkey and others.

Although the U.N. General Assembly decision is legally non-binding, the wide scope of global opposition to the U.S. on the status of al-Quds indicates a heavy loss of prestige and legitimacy for Washington, which could translate into a loss of effectiveness in foreign policy making on the Middle East.

The U.N. vote on Jerusalem that rejected Trump's declaration seems to harm the U.S.'s ties with member countries

Washington's Israel, UAE-inspired political Islam policy

Simply put, a quick look at contemporary history would be enough to conclude that the Trump administration's Israel-UAE inspired "political Islam" policy is destined to be even more unsuccessful than Barack Obama's insincere "moderate Islam" policy. Or, perhaps, Washington just wants to serve the interests of fanatics on purpose.

Washington's Israel UAE-inspired political Islam policy