Türkiye’s Call for International Assistance and the International Community’s Response

Natural disasters, wars, and economic collapse tend to seriously undermine social order and make it impossible to address even people’s most basic needs. During such periods, it becomes difficult for communities to feed themselves, find shelter, receive medical attention, relocate, and communicate with others. Individuals and communities have provided emergency assistance to such individuals, without expecting anything in return, to address basic needs like food, shelter, and medical treatment throughout history.

Türkiye s Call for International Assistance and the International Community
Gamble with Russia NATO enlargement and North Macedonia

Gamble with Russia: NATO enlargement and North Macedonia

North Macedonia’s accession to the Alliance does not give promising signs of rapprochement between Russia and NATO


Agreement allows SETA to contribute to Anadolu Agency's analyses as well as participate in training courses

The European Islamophobia Report (EIR) is an annual report, which is presented for the first time for the year of 2015.

On 10-12 June 2015, a convention of Balkan think tanks was organized by the SETA Foundation, with financial support of the Turkish Prime Ministry Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB). During the event, researchers from Balkan think tanks discussed various political issues faced by the region and Turkey. This report summarizes the remarks made during the workshop sessions.

The debate over Islam and democracy continues to gain momentum. As the state of democracy in Muslim countries has become a global debate, scores of people from academics, journalists and TV commentators to policy makers and NGOs are discussing the relationship between Islam and democratic values. Numerous meetings, panels, conferences, workshops are held to assess the state of democracy, civil society and human rights in the Muslim world

Turkey and the Middle East: What Is So Exciting?

The excitement Turkey generates in the Arab world and beyond (the Balkans, Europe and parts of Africa can easily be added to the list) seems to be sustained by the confluence of substantial changes in three areas: Turkey, the region and the world.

The Macedonian Revolts A Dangerous Development

The Macedonian Revolts: A Dangerous Development

The demonstrations in various Macedonian cities mobilized Albanians as a Macedonian court sentenced six Albanians to life in prison for the murder of five Macedonians despite a lack of concrete evidence.


EIR will be authored by leading experts in the field of Islamophobia Studies and/or NGO-activists committed to the documentation of racism in respective nation states.