The trajectory of the Ukraine war will be shaped by external factors and their reaction and their position in this world

Experts discussed ongoing Russia's war in Ukraine and shared their expectations over the course of the war as part of a session of the Turkish national broadcaster TRT's World Forum on Saturday.

The trajectory of the Ukraine war will be shaped by
Insight Turkey Publishes Its Latest Issue Fault Lines in the

Insight Turkey Publishes Its Latest Issue “Fault Lines in the European Union: Brexit, Populism, Refugees and Divergencies”

Insight Turkey, one of the leading academic journals in Turkey and the Middle East, discusses the European Union in its final issue.


Turkey's opposition to Iran's expansionist policies does not preclude its objection to outside intervention and instability

The attack in Paris signals a potential dangerous escalation, which if not contained could play a very destabilizing role in Europe.

This book provides a synopsis of the past four years of U.S. policy in Syria. It brings together the major turning points of this policy since the beginning of the Arab Spring.

In this report, we provide an overview of the situation of refugees in Turkey and the difficulties that Turkey is facing in handling such a major crisis alongside of its Southern border.

Turkey and the U.S.: The Longest Two Years of the Relations

This paper explores the ups and downs of Turkish-American relations since 2003 and seeks to explain why these last two years have brought serious strain on the Ankara- Washington relationship.

Turkey and the U S The Longest Two Years of