Podcast: Türkiye-Greece Summit | Sailing Through Positive Agenda

Türkiye-Greece Summit | Sailing Through Positive Agenda

Podcast Türkiye-Greece Summit Sailing Through Positive Agenda
Türkiye quakes The spirit of solidarity should continue

Türkiye quakes: The spirit of solidarity should continue

In the aftermath of the twin quakes in Türkiye, we see that some states are trying to help beyond their capacities, while others are a little below par


The disaster in Türkiye has once again shown how states with problems in bilateral relations forget their hurdles when faced with a humanitarian crisis

Türkiye has been following a multilayered policy toward the African continent

As Türkiye started to attract attention with its international relations and foreign policy, it also expanded its military presence to different states and redefined its relations with the West

2-day summit in Istanbul organized by Turkiye's Communications Directorate with participants from 45 African nations

Turkiye, Pakistan need to ‘fortify bilateral relations’: Security dialogue

Turkish, Pakistani scholars discuss how 2 countries can aid each other and build mechanisms to face common challenges

Turkiye Pakistan need to fortify bilateral relations Security dialogue
Russian moves send shock waves in international system

Russian moves send shock waves in international system

The optimism of the post-Cold War period is almost over. Neither globalization nor the elimination of the Iron Curtain brought the expected results.


Technology has always been one of these factors and its role has become more consistent throughout the years. Whether in intelligence or hardcore security, technology has always been utilized by countries during their rivalries with their counterparts. But we may be at a critical turning point in regards to the role of technology.

The world has been going through a transitory period, which has made the political and economic global system quite unstable. As a result, the behavior of regional and global powers has become mostly unpredictable

It has now been almost a decade since scholars, observers and policymakers started discussing the state of U.S. leadership in the world.

Greek military and diplomatic initiatives carry the risk of creating further tension in the Aegean, if Greece pushes Turkey to bigger security dilemmas.

With Turkey's foreign policy, President Erdoğan aims to protect and foster the country's international and regional interests

In the post-pandemic order, Ankara seeks to explore new opportunities and find ways to reduce regional tensions

The 10 envoys failed to act in line with the global norms of diplomacy and violated common values that serve as the backbone of international relations

The U.S. is no longer on the throne as the world's sole superpower. Although the country tried to take measures against the strong rise of China, even U.S. allies have begun to establish close ties with China

We are living in an age of crisis, with the world's economic and political system more complicated than ever due to the unfair actions of the U.N. and U.S.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were one of the turning points in the history of international relations. The legacy of the attacks has dominated the international system for almost two decades and triggered events and transformations that may have more long-term ramifications.

While unclear how long ceasefire will last, only real solution -however long-term it may be- seems to be rise of a regional state capable of counterbalancing US and Israel