Déjà Vu in Developing Economies? The Intertwined Story of Inflation, Interest Rates and Debt Burden

Money lost to interest payments creates debt burdens and shrinks public resources that could be channeled into development-friendly areas.

D j Vu in Developing Economies The Intertwined Story of
Minimum wages and unemployment nexus

Minimum wages and unemployment nexus?

Minimum wage debates have even turned into a rather ideological debate all over the world


Tehran is facing severe political, economic and social problems domestically such as the negative impacts of the long-time U.S. sanctions, poverty, unemployment, drought, migration and growing uneasiness among different segments of society

Contrary to the common belief, immigrants and refugees should be considered as a good source of the much needed labor supply and human capital.

As the 2023 elections approach, voters are being influenced by three different emotions: concern, anger and hope

The People’s Alliance, which already has a presidential candidate, will redouble its efforts to develop inspiring and constructive policies. By contrast, the competition among presidential hopefuls and over discourse and policy choices will mount pressure on the opposition bloc – the 'table for six.'

What is next after Boris Johnson?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson left office on July 7, following the resignation of more than 50 senior government officials.

What is next after Boris Johnson
The debate on whom can govern in Türkiye

The debate on whom can govern in Türkiye

The main source of disagreement between Türkiye's government and the opposition relates to which side could govern better. Alternatively, it is about the claim that the opposite side cannot govern properly. As Türkiye inches toward next year’s elections, that theme dominates domestic politics week in and week out.


'The French voted for Emmanuel Macron in the second round not because they really believed in him but because they did not want to see Le Pen as president'

Although election day is approaching, the opposition bloc in Turkey, with their 'roundtable meetings,' cannot come up with a convincing agenda to excite the electorate

The political situation in Pakistan is still not stable, and a new government is expected to be formed soon. However, at this point, it is important to understand the reasons that led to this turmoil and what the removal of Khan from office means for Pakistan. Within this framework, several experts from Turkey and Pakistan have briefly analyzed the events and their implications, not only for Pakistan but for the region and the world as well.

The main opposition's possible ambitious policy proposal on the Kurdish question would mean direct disunity among the opposition bloc's parties

According to a survey conducted in late 2021 by the German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK), the majority of German companies in Turkey consider the country a favorable investment location.

Everyone agrees that Turkey will hold a very competitive election in 2023. To say that the language of politics in the country, which is already living in the shadow of the election, has grown stronger no longer amounts to actual analysis.

It is no secret that the CHP, which constantly attempts to reach out to the political right, has failed to win over conservatives to date. The political engineers cannot seem to wrap their heads around the nature of religious conservative voters, however hard they may try.

Turkey takes precautions against excessive prices and stockpiling, rising inflation remains a global problem.

Turkey’s main opposition leader, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, continues to demand an early election.

The famous quote thought to have been said by Leo Tolstoy states that 'all great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.'

If the coronavirus crisis were not at the top of the public agenda, today the most significant topic would be the U.S. presidential elections, with President Donald Trump having actually launched his campaign even before the outbreak.

Services exports to hit historical high at end of current year, general secretary of exporters association says

The status of more than 3.6 million temporary Syrian asylum seekers across Turkey has been one of the most controversial political issues being discussed by the Turkish people and politicians in the last few weeks..