Gülenist cult as a global threat

Gülenist cult as a global threat .

FETÖ is a new generation terrorist group with giant parallel organizations, strict believers, subcontracting in intelligence operations and acceptance of all kinds of efforts, regardless of how malicious they are, to achieve its goals.


In the midst of the Saudi-Iranian polarization, that is promoted by many to stir up new troubles in the Middle East, Turkey seeks to pursue a balancing policy

We need to see that a big, malevolent game is being played. Of course, regional countries' faulty strategies, steps to save the day and especially elites' efforts to gain ground in domestic politics catalyze foreign powers' manipulations and interventions. However, it is indisputable that the region is currently facing a new policy of disintegration plotted by foreign powers.

Expecting Turkey's engagement with the U.S.'s Middle East policy, which damaged Ankara's interests, particularly by the infamous partnership with the YPG, would be in vain and very irrational

Turkey does not rightfully believe the U.S.'s empty promises and is determined to continue its fight against terrorist groups in Syria

Trump's Miscalculations and Turkey's Future

Needless to say, Trump was proven wrong. nor is there any reason to believe that his predictions will turn out to be true any time soon

Trump's Miscalculations and Turkey's Future
Can the U S Return to The Syria Equation

Can the U.S. Return to The Syria Equation?

Having lost its prestige in Syria with the repeated failed policies of the Obama administration, the U.S. is now about to lose all presence in the Middle East unless Trump immediately becomes involved in the Syrian equation


In the Middle East, the Trump administration wants to defeat Daesh in the short run and then focus on containing Tehran's regional hegemony

Although Trump's phone call to Erdoğan and the CIA head's visit to Ankara are both concrete steps, they are unfortunately inadequate to normalize Turkey-U.S. ties; Trump still has a lot to do

We must find answers to a number of key questions: are the U.S. and the U.K. assuming the leadership of an emerging coalition? Is an alliance between Germany and France still feasible? Could Turkey work more closely with Italy, Spain and the U.K.?

The AK Party's insistence for dynamism and change will help refresh itself in the new period under the leadership of Erdoğan

Foreseeing the crisis of the Western world order, Turkey, at the demand of its people, is leaving the westernization policies as its official policy

If the West wants to do business with the Turks, it must acknowledge that what Mr. Erdoğan represents will be part and parcel of Turkey's future

While Trump has to deal with the senior figures of the U.S. establishment, who voice their dislike of him at every opportunity, he also needs to develop policies to consolidate his own base

As the sociopolitical atmosphere gradually shifted towards the confines of the far right and the isolationism in Europe, serious questions about the future of the European project began to be raised

When considering the Russian state as European and Western, the world may face a renewed global confrontation between different Western/European power blocs

The future seems almost dark for Western values which are under attack by the revival of racism, populism, Islamphobia and xenephobia in societies

Trump will not simply bring forward the pragmatic framework of the U.S.'s grand strategy which was suppressed during the Obama period, but attempt to fully renew the ideological framework as well

A visitor of the Diyanet Center notes that the mosque is already filled with Muslims from various backgrounds, all gathering every week for Friday sermons and excited by the scene that makes them feel “at home”.

Turkey is the only reliable country in the fight against Daish in the region. Iraq's objection to Turkey's military presence in Bashiqa only allows the terror organization to act more freely