Why is Germany's Gaza policy so excessively pro-Israel?

Burden of Holocaust past, Israeli lobby in country, influence of US, line of current coalition government might be 4 reasons

Why is Germany's Gaza policy so excessively pro-Israel
Germany's tightrope walk Navigating Taiwan row and economic gains

Germany's tightrope walk: Navigating Taiwan row and economic gains

The United States has shown a close and dangerous interest in Taiwan in recent years in order to break the power of China, with which it is in global competition in almost every field, and to confine China to the Indo-Pacific region. If the two great powers with nuclear weapons try to solve this problem with war, of course, it will lead the whole world to disaster. However, according to the Realist school in the International Relations literature, it is thought that these powers will not directly attempt war, based on the prediction that if a nuclear power attacks another nuclear power, both sides will be destroyed. Based on this thesis, we can say that the probability of a direct U.S.-China war is unlikely.


The United States and the European Union do not share the same views on Afghanistan. In the midst of a new crisis, Europe needs more autonomous foreign policy planning and implementation

Turkey is focused on reforms at home and fresh starts in the international arena. Ankara’s efforts to repair its relations with the United States, the European Union, France, Greece and certain Middle Eastern nations, however, are not necessarily about making revisions or getting soft. The current process is of interest to all capitals, including Washington. All players are doing their homework with the sense that the world is on the brink of a new era.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan conveyed a powerful message to European leaders, who will meet later this week, in reference to the Eastern Mediterranean. He called on the European Union to save itself from “strategic blindness” and not to let Greece and the Greek Cypriots use Brussels as a battering ram.

There was a time when you could have called Turkey's relationship with the U.S. a "strategic partnership."

What Western alliance?

For the past five years, the Western media has engaged in an endless "discussion" on Turkey.

What Western alliance
Turkish-EU relations must be settled on new ground

Turkish-EU relations must be settled on new ground

A new basis for cooperation between Turkey and the EU is needed instead of tensions that could further strain relations


Claiming Turkey's Afrin operation harms the U.S. or NATO serve the interests only of countries like Russia and China

There is a smear campaign that started ahead of the April 2017 constitutional referendum that aims to prevent Erdoğan's re-election in 2019

European politicians hope that Mr. Erdoğan will grow tired of the anti-Turkey smear campaign in Europe and walk out of the membership negotiations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to learn certain lessons from Charlottesville. Mrs. Merkel, who lays claim to the leadership of the free world in the face of Mr. Trump's populism, could be following in his footsteps without even knowing it

Targeting Erdoğan and Turks may now seem to help German politicians in the upcoming elections, but escalating the current tension will irreparably harm Berlin's already troubled relations with Ankara

Erdoğan keeps a tab on the EU's unfulfilled promises and talks about Europe's unreliability in the public. That's why, the image of him the EU leaders have is he is as an authoritarian Turk

Unfortunately, the ambitions of regional powers stop them from addressing pressing problems. The Qatar crisis is a case in point.

The attempt to politically ostracise the tiny emirate is more likely to isolate Riyadh than to bring Qatar to its knees.

The scandal was not just a failure of European intelligence services either, as it relates to a broader lack of coherent counterterrorism policy across the continent, which needs to be addressed by taking European-wide security cooperation to the next level.