One Year At War | The Past, Present and Future of Sudan’s Civil War and Proposed Solutions

One year after the outbreak of the civil war on April 15, 2023, this report examines the origins of the crisis in Sudan, its cost and key actors, the policies and objectives of international powers in the country, and the steps and initiatives taken to resolve the conflict. It also considers the potential for a new Darfur crisis in the future and offers policy recommendations for resolving the current crisis.

One Year At War The Past Present and Future of
Arab Spring A flashback to past 10 years

Arab Spring: A flashback to past 10 years

The wave of democratization, which began with the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, took down the authoritarian leaders of Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Whereas the uprising in Bahrain was crushed thanks to Saudi Arabia’s military intervention, Iran and Russia ensured the survival of Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria.


In the last few years, it has become commonplace to question the future of the alliance between Turkey and the U.S. Some pundits emphasized the various disagreements between the two countries to indicate that the alliance has weakened and does not have the same strategic weight it used to have in previous decades.

The United States mounts pressure on Turkey over its decision to purchase the S-400 air defense system from Russia. The Turks already told Washington that the S-400 purchase was a done deal, yet U.S. officials keep trying.

Operation leads to arrest of senior members of terror group, which is trying to become active in Europe with help of PKK

This week some unexpected developments have occurred in international politics which signaled the direction of change in the international system.

The US must build a safe zone with Turkey

The United States is revising its decision to exit Syria. Washington initially hoped to complete the withdrawal by April or, at the latest, the summer months. Yet the White House announced last week that 200 U.S. troops would remain on the ground for an unspecified amount of time to promote peace.

The US must build a safe zone with Turkey
Turkey-US relations in the new global order

Turkey-US relations in the new global order

Each crisis with Ankara has more significant repercussions regarding the future of Washington's relations with its other allies. In other words, what happens between Turkey and the U.S. does not not stay between Turkey and the U.S.


American President Donald Trump is getting ready to declare the "victory" of the anti-Daesh coalition in Syria and Iraq.

Neoliberal consensus has dissolved across Europe over the past 10 years..

In fact, potential cooperation between China and Russia is mentioned as one of the significant threats for U.S. foreign policy. Of course this is the perspective of the U.S. and it is possible to read most of the decisions given by the U.S. administrations in the last few years in accordance with this changing threat assessment and perception.

Belgian-born parliamentarian Mahinur Ozdemir says Muslims who wear Islamic garb get intense media scrutiny

Since the beginning of the Arab uprisings and revolutions in 2011, Turkey has been targeted by Western states because it has been supporting the demands of regional powers and its people.

Turkish authorities are determined to find a sustainable solution to the problem created by the presence of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria before the war-torn country reaches a permanent political solution.

An American intervention in the ongoing crisis in Venezuela will not solve the problem; it will make the situation in the country worse

The Trump administration has been sending mixed signals about reducing the U.S. military footprint around the world and launching new interventions.

Erdoğan's call on Maduro to ‘stand tall' reflects a sense of long-standing unity that began when the Venezuelan leader had expressed solidarity with Turkey during the July 15, 2016 coup attempt

Many controversies and debates took place after U.S. President Donald Trump declared his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

After U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Syria and his ensuing statements where he attributes the strong positive role that Turkey would play in the fight with remnants of Daesh, many analysts in Western media have expressed their doubts.

Turkish-U.S. relations in the last few years have had so many crises and instabilities that everybody started to ask what was going wrong.