Will the Earthquakes Lead to Change in Foreign Policy?

It is necessary to uphold the sense of solidarity, which emerged among states after the earthquakes. Last but not least, one would hope that the humane way of thinking can triumph over the idea of interest and exploitation in international relations. This is a time to focus on moral values and solidarity – not realpolitik.

Will the Earthquakes Lead to Change in Foreign Policy
The impact of Biden's 1915 decision on Turkey-US ties

The impact of Biden's 1915 decision on Turkey-US ties

One thing is clear: The relationship between Ankara and Washington gradually evolve from the constraints of a traditional alliance. A new modus operandi emerges, which brings together adversity, competition and cooperation.


Optimism and utopia are what we need to avoid when talking about the new president's 'transition to democracy' strategy

It is finally over. The election battle in the United States which has been on the agenda for more than a year now came to an end. The long and tiring debates among dozens of Democratic candidates started in late 2019. Everybody knew that it would be a long campaign process due to increasing polarization in American society.

Joe Biden will officially become president of the United States this week. Washington, D.C., has been on high alert, even in the final days of the controversial transition period. The National Guard, which has been stationed at the Capitol Building to prevent a second attack by outgoing President Donald Trump’s supporters, became the latest symbol of America’s deeply divided democracy.

Elections and political campaigns have been a productive topic for producers in Hollywood. Numerous movies have been produced focusing on the election battle of the contenders. Some of these movies demonstrate the intricacies and challenges of political campaigns and elections.

Vice presidents, US elections and Biden's chance

In the U.S. presidential electoral campaigns, there are several critical turning points that determine the fate of the elections. The three presidential debates and the announcement of the vice presidential candidates are among the most important of these turning points. These moments are considered some of the key junctures where the presidential candidates can make some changes in their campaign trajectory. Although many scholars have asserted that the presidential elections are primarily about the presidential candidates and the candidates for vice president do not matter much, the selection process and the announcement of the vice presidential candidates generate a lot of discussions and increase the focus on the campaigns. The vice presidential candidate selection is an opportunity for the presidential campaign to put a message across to a significant group of electorates. The downside is it is a one-time shot, and the vetting and selection processes need to be carried out as thoroughly as possible in order to prevent mistakes.

Vice presidents US elections and Biden's chance
What went so terribly wrong in the US

What went so terribly wrong in the US?

For many, one would assume the U.S. was the country best prepared for a pandemic like that of the coronavirus. As the global superpower, possible threats posed against it are expected to be well studied and researched. Indeed, they have been. For the last 20 years, the potential impact of a contagious disease on national security has been the subject of various intelligence and security assessments.


It has become almost customary for every U.S. administration to propose a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem in the Middle East. For some, like the Bill Clinton administration, it became almost a legacy issue. The administration and its president spent countless days and weeks on the process and the failure of the peace process, which they deemed the best possible deal, upset them deeply.

There are also ghosts lingering in foreign and national security policies worldwide. The U.S. had a few of them. While approaching these issues maybe we should first be ready to understand the roots of the phenomenon..

Discussions over President Donald Trump’s impeachment started as soon as he walked into the Oval Office in 2017. There were several reasons but the most important was the possibility that Russia may have interfered in the 2016 Presidential elections helping Trump to become the 45th U.S. president.

As the international system changes and rising powers challenge U.S. predominance around the world, the direction of Washington's foreign policy will be extremely important in shaping future geopolitics

The unbearable destiny of Latin America showed its face again last Wednesday as Venezuela became the latest victim of foreign intervention in its domestic affairs.

As the new site of international hegemonic competition, East Asia perfectly reflects the multipolar character of the global system

While hegemonic transitions tend to occur over long periods, it seems that the friction between neo-protectionism in strategic sectors and the push for all out liberalization will determine the fundamental axis of the ongoing rivalry between China and the U.S.

Trump ousting Priebus as chief of staff and appointing Kelly is a development showing Trump's efforts to take the upper hand in the White House

Biden's visit can bring many good things and opportunities for bilateral relations if the U.S. can show support for Turkey and Turkish people. It is an era that will stay in the memories of the people for many years.

In one of his farewell speeches the outgoing Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer reiterated his belief that the regime in Turkey is in danger. He thinks that if Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan becomes president the secular principles of the republic will be jeopardized. President Sezer is not alone in this.

After 10 years of service as head of the Labour Party and the prime minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair left office yesterday. He leaves behind a mixed legacy. His unyielding support for Turkey’s EU membership has been crucial for improving relations between Turkey and the UK. But Mr. Blair has also been a staunch ally of the Bush doctrine. How will history remember him?

In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the strategy that regional forces adopt will determine the future of the occupation in Iraq.