Antalya Diplomacy Forum and Türkiye's choice

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Antalya Diplomacy Forum organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The forum addressed numerous issues concerning Türkiye's foreign policy priorities, with a particular focus on the reconstruction of the international system in an era of regional instability and global challenges. The theme of rebuilding the international system in the post-World War II era, based on 'rule-based' principles established by the United States, stood out as a central topic. However, it's evident that this system has failed to effectively address problems or maintain stability in today's world. Amidst discussions highlighting this fundamental issue, it was clear that Türkiye is seeking grounded leadership through realistic assessments of diplomacy's possibilities and limitations.

Antalya Diplomacy Forum and Türkiye's choice
Antalya Diplomacy Forum Turkish brand in diplomacy

Antalya Diplomacy Forum: Turkish brand in diplomacy

The Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) is one of the biggest brands of Turkish diplomacy. The forum, which fills a gap by focusing on diplomacy, is on its way to taking its place among the long-established international forums of its kind. It shows the high-level organizational capacity of Turkish institutions. The ADF, held since 2021, is a beneficial tool to advance foreign relations and set international political agendas.


I attended the Antalya Diplomacy Forum on Friday. Bringing together politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists and think tankers from 147 countries, the event has already claimed a respectable place among the world’s leading platforms.

The effect of Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip and tensions in the Middle East were discussed Friday at the Hope or Deception? Imagining a New Ground in the Middle East panel at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

As the Russia-Ukraine war resumes and the tension in world politics deepens, we are starting to hear more about the discourse of a 'new Cold War'

Despite all their humanitarian rhetoric, Western countries insistently refrain from participating in the peace process to end the Russia-Ukraine war

Channels of dialogue with Greece more open today than before: Turkish foreign minister

Turkiye does its part regarding positive agenda with Greece, expects same from Athens administration, says Mevlut Cavusoglu

Channels of dialogue with Greece more open today than before
Turkiye's role in progress towards peace in Ukraine

Turkiye's role in progress towards peace in Ukraine

Turkiye's regional prominence in the Black Sea region, and substantial strategic and commercial ties with Russia and Ukraine have given it an advantage in facilitating peace talks between the two countries


The absence of inclusive, convincing and strong leaders in European capitals is causing great trouble for the continent amid the Ukraine crisis

Regardless of the outcome of the talks, Europe won’t forget the Russian threat and Russia can no longer avoid being isolated from the Western-centered global economic system

To make sense of the Turkish president’s visit to Uzbekistan and its implications for bilateral relations as well as regional affairs, we hereby present the opinions of five leading experts.

Since the first instances of the eruption of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, President Erdoğan has sought common ground and balance for both sides, which only aims to further peace

The world may not be ready for the new paradigm in diplomacy proposed by Erdoğan, but it needs to be to ensure a better future

The Antalya Diplomacy Forum witnessed a historic moment where the significance of Turkey's mediation for the Russia-Ukraine war was truly felt

As a provider of security and stability, Turkey has the potential to become the balancing power in the Gulf region

The argument that Israel does not need to normalize its relations with Turkey, too, is quite weak. The Abraham Accords may have strengthened Tel Aviv’s hand, but a fresh nuclear deal between the United States and Iran stands to change the regional balance of power anew. In this sense, Israel would not want to be the last country to pursue normalization with Turkey.

Today, the winds of victory are blowing toward Ankara in the world of diplomacy. Many states that marginalized the country for years have seen, especially after the NATO Summit, its long-term power has accumulated

Turkey emphasized entrepreneurial and humanitarian diplomacy at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum. Those who criticize the country's successful foreign policy based on humanitarian diplomacy do not seem well-intentioned

For both NATO and the U.S., Turkey happens to play an active role on a multitude of fronts – whether it’s Russia and China, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), or the Caucasus and Central Asia.