The Earthquakes’ Impact on Agriculture

On top of the long-term impact of climate change, the coronavirus pandemic started in 2020 and continued for approximately two years. Subsequently, the Russia-Ukraine war took a toll on agriculture and food supply security. Just as those negative repercussions were weakening, Türkiye experienced massive earthquakes – one of the worst disasters in world history – in winter conditions. The country was compelled to raise a Level 4 alarm to heal the wounds and request international assistance.

The Earthquakes Impact on Agriculture
An Initial Assessment of Earthquake-Related Economic Losses

An Initial Assessment of Earthquake-Related Economic Losses

In the wake of the great disaster that Türkiye has experienced, we are trying to heal each other’s wounds, mitigate each other’s suffering and rush to each other’s aid as a nation. We are compelled to highlight the economic impact of what happened in the devastation’s immediate aftermath while our memories and pain are still fresh. It is necessary to state and acknowledge that any attempt to restore and improve the “living standards” of Turkish citizens must rest on this assessment within the framework of the basic idea that the economy is supposed to serve the people. Universally speaking, economics is the science of allocating scarce resources optimally and we need its accumulated experience and principles more than ever amid crises.


Rural development efforts are urgently needed for better food security.

In this article, I will briefly analyze some conventional and unconventional issues of 2022 and underline the increasing political crises in Western countries, all of which lead the world to a more chaotic period.

The presentations could not clarify how the CHP leadership intended to bridge the gap between neoliberal policies and popular recommendations, and amounted to fragmented peeks into its vision. In other words, it seemed like 'a cocktail'

Türkiye has been following a multilayered policy toward the African continent

Türkiye’s Water Security Policy: Energy, Agriculture, and Transboundary Issues

Water security refers to the availability of adequate quantities and qualities of water for societal needs and resilient ecosystems in the context of current conditions and future global change.

Türkiye s Water Security Policy Energy Agriculture and Transboundary Issues
Why is the Sochi meeting significant

Why is the Sochi meeting significant?

Türkiye made several attempts to deepen its relationship with the United States and the European Union. The response to such attempts should not be abandonment in Syria or support for Greece’s maximalist demands over the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean. Nor should the West respond to Ankara’s military operations in Syria with sanctions.


We reached out to several experts for more on how to understand the developments in Iraq and what possible future scenarios may be derived from the current situation.

Turkish, Pakistani scholars discuss how 2 countries can aid each other and build mechanisms to face common challenges

To make sense of the Turkish president’s visit to Uzbekistan and its implications for bilateral relations as well as regional affairs, we hereby present the opinions of five leading experts.

Through cooperation based on mutual trust and shared strategies, Turkey and Africa are taking firm steps forward in bilateral relations

Pakistani academic says people in Pakistan need to look beyond US

With a mutual-interest-based approach, the two countries can further improve their ties at the political, economic and social levels

Turkey has been following a policy combining the second and the third styles of politics. Turkey has adopted a holistic approach in its relations with African countries, combining its soft power (humanitarian aid, nongovernmental organizations and trade) with hard power (defense industry and arms sales). That is, Turkey will continue to improve its relations with Africa in all sectors whether it be economic, trade, defense, agriculture, tourism or the struggle against terrorism. In order to deepen Turkish-African cooperation, Turkey will host the third Economy and Business Forum in October and the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit in December, both in Istanbul.

The dissolution that started with the exclusion of Qatar from the GCC now continues with the division between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The crisis is thought to be causing extensive recalibration and reorganization in the region

Terrorist PKK adopts low-cost, easy-to-execute methods of environmental terrorism, tries to use it as propaganda

What does Phase One Deal include? How have the U.S.-China Energy Relations changed over time? What is the impact of coronavirus on the deal? What does the future hold for U.S.-China energy relations?

United States President Donald Trump recently called the World Health Organization (WHO) "China-centric," blaming the organization for failing to stop the COVID-19 pandemic and threatening to cut U.S. funding.

Israel's occupation of Palestine and constant attacks to the unarmed civilians prove the harm the country causes to the World peace, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said

Regime leader Assad wants to claim victory over Idlib to prove he has Syrian lands under his control, says analyst