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Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey Leaving Death and Destruction Behind

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey, Leaving Death and Destruction Behind

The latest earthquake is the most devastating one that Turkey has experienced since the 1990s.

A devastating 7.7 Richter scale earthquake hit Southern Turkey in the early hours of the morning of February 6, leaving behind 1,121 dead and 7,634 injured until 6.00PM (Turkey Time) today. According to Turkish sources, 2,834 buildings collapsed, leaving thousands of people in the streets in cold weather conditions. The earthquake was felt in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Iraq and Cyprus. According to Syrian sources, 710 people were killed in the earthquake where rescue teams with poor equipment are racing against time to save those trapped under rubble. Syrian regime-affiliated media sources have stated that 326 people were killed, and 1,042 others were injured in areas under its control. In Turkey, 900 rescue teams rushed to the cities impacted by the earthquake. Ten cities in Southern Turkey have reported serious damages including the collapse of whole residential buildings...   Read more on Politics Today: Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey, Leaving Death and Destruction Behind [Politics Today, February 6, 2023]