Oppressive West vs. moral West

The Western governments and peoples will soon realize that the Western world is deeply divided …
  • The Western governments continue to give unconditional support to Israel. The Western military, political, diplomatic and economic support is not for the security of Israel but for the continuation of the Israeli genocidal atrocities against innocent civilians. The United States and other Western countries are complicit in Israel's genocide crime. Everybody knows well that without the support of the West, Israel cannot attack Palestinians and cannot continue its expansionist and colonial settlement policies.
  • After World War II, an ideological war emerged between the fascist bloc and an alliance of liberals and communists. The United States spearheaded the establishment of the United Nations and its specialized agencies to create a new world order based on rules, norms and procedures.
  • Important parameter for guarantor model is Israeli government and its expected transformation, which is highly probable in the short term after its clear failures

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • During his visit to Israel, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reiterated the Biden administration's support but conveyed the message that operations should be more limited. Austin, who previously stated that Israel faced the risk of 'strategic defeat,' is believed to be delivering the message that winning the war in urban combat requires gaining civilian support. The U.S. administration reportedly urged Israel to reduce the intensity of operations by the end of the year and increase humanitarian aid passages. While continuing support for Israel, the Biden administration seems to be trying to limit the political cost generated by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

  • What was the post-Oct. 7 stance of Western thinkers and intellectuals? Why does the Western intellectual world ignore Palestine? Why have thinkers, who believe the Palestinians are right and support them, become targets of ‘lynching’?

  • The Arab world has been heavily fragmented since the emergence of the modern Middle East after World War I. The colonialist British had promised the Arabs to have their own state in return for their support in their fight against the Ottomans. However, they did not keep their promise and paved the way for the fragmentation of the Arab world. The single Arab nation was divided into 22 states. Following the colonialist “divide-and-rule” principle, the Western states have been doing everything to keep the Arab nation fragmented.

  • The Israeli army continues to bomb hospitals in Gaza. With the Al-Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals out of service, the northern parts of the Strip have turned into hell on Earth.

  • Ahead of the meeting, the organization issued a statement to underscore that the event was held in response to the “dangerous developments” regarding the Palestinian question and the city of Jerusalem. In other words, that statement mentioned the protection of Jerusalem, the OIC’s original objective and the prevention of the massacre in Gaza simultaneously.