Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • As an emerging power from the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey must be more visible in Latin America and we very likely will be.

  • So, while market-based explanations try to present historical dynamics and highlight various aspects of a complicated development, conspiracy theories offer clear simplicity and elegance.

  • It is becoming increasingly clear with every international crisis that the world order is moving towards a more balanced and multipolar structure in which a multiplicity of actors are holding numerous instruments of influence against each other.

  • Concerted action against repeated and unlawful aggression on the part of Israel, which behaves like an "anachronic colonial state," should start from demystification of its endless power perception and alleviation of various fears in the Muslim world.

  • Turkey has enough academic and intellectual capacity to identify the inconsistencies embedded in these biased neocolonial interventions. For fair and patient observers, Turkey continues to be a story of hope and transformative dynamism.